Transportation Information 
  • Airport Pick up is FREE for all campers! There is no charge for the Camp counselors to pick up and drop off from LAX. Most  athletes that travel by plane fly in the evening before the start of camp. The camp counselors are available to pick up your child at LAX on Sunday from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm. If your child arrives prior to 4:00 pm they will need to wait at LAX until 4:00 pm for Pickup. The Camp Counselor will check them into the Campus dorms as well as take them to dinner if they arrive by 6:30 pm.
  • For Sunday Night Arrivals the additional cost for the extra evening including dinner and breakfast is $89.00. Campers may arrive anytime between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm, but need to arrive by 6:30 pm if they wish to have dinner with the group.
    • Please use the following address for camp drop off on Sunday night. 1027 West 34th St. Los Angeles CA, 90089. There is a small parking lot behind Fluor Tower.
  •  If you choose to come Monday Morning, the camp counselors are available to pick up the athletes as long as their flight arrives by 8:30 am. LAX is approximately 30 minutes away from USC. 
  •  For Outbound Flights on Friday, please book them after 5:00 pm as LAX requires a two hour check in time to get through security and check in. 

USC Drop Off Address For Monday Arrivals and All Pick Ups on Friday

Please use the following address 1027 West 34th St. Los Angeles CA, 90089.

Enter Gate 8 via Jefferson Boulevard eastbound, turning right about a quarter block east of Vermont Ave.

Overview Information 

We will update this document soon which shows where to go and what to bring to camp.